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Marco Savoia

Marco Savoia is Full Professor of Structural Engineering at DISTART, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna (Italy) where he teaches the courses of Structural Engineering and Design of Structures, and he is carrying out his scientific activity. He covered before the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna (1992-1998) and Associate Professor at the University of Parma (1998-2000). Since 2001, he is the Coordinator of the Structural Tests Laboratory of DISTART - University of Bologna.

He has been Visiting Professor at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1990, 1997), the Texas A&M University (1993), the University of Virginia (1997), Florida Atlantic University (2003, 2004). He gave a number of seminars and short courses in those universities.

He is author of about 180 scientific papers, more than 40 in international journals with referees. He has been member of the C.N.R. (National Council of Research) National Commission for Codes for Reinforced Concrete Structures. He has been task coordinator in the preparation of CNR Guide Lines on Strengthening with composite materials (DT200/2004) and on Fiber-Reinforced Concretes FRC (DT204/2006). In the framework of Reluis project, he is responsible of two tasks concerning design of RC structures with innovative systems of seismic protection. Since 2004, he is an expert member of National Council of Public Works.

The main research topics are in the area of computational modeling of RC structures, seismic engineering, innovative systems for seismic protection, reliability and stability of structures, damage in concrete material and structures.